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How to embed your Google Street View

Now that you have a Google Virtual Tour on your Local page and Google Maps it is time to embed it on your website so that visitors can take a look, fall in love, make your business a destination and spend more time on your site (increasing your SEO).

Step 1

Find your Google Places Icon iconon Maps: It’s as easy as entering your business name in the search field.

Note: To date there is no link button in the NEW Google Maps. If you are using the new Google Maps there will be a few extra steps to get to the embed code. If you are using the Classic Google maps go to step 3.

Step 2 (for those of you that are using the "new" Google Maps)

In the lower right hand corner, click on the Question Mark Icon and select the “Return to classic Google Maps”.


Step 3

Click on the See Inside icon.


Step 4

navigate so that the scene is exactly where you want to start the tour.


Step 5

Click the link button to access both the link code and embed code then click on the HTML code and copy.


Tip: For a more exact picture of the final product, click on “customize and Preview embedded map” so you can see what it will look like on your website. In the view below you can navigate, zoom and pan through the tour. If you select the custom button, you can easily resize the iframe to any size that is required to fit perfectly on your page.
Again: this will be the exact view you will see when placed on your website, the code will automatically update as you resize and move. So make sure you re-copy when you get it exactly how you want it.

see inside

Step 6

Now just paste this code on your website or send it to your web designer in an email, it works everywhere.


If you need further help with any of these steps please don’t hesitate to call us, we are always happy to help.

Additional Information:

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You may have also heard interactive photography called Google Street View, Google Business Photos, Google Business View, Google Virtual Tour, real estate virtual tour, 360 degree photography, 360 panoramic photography, 360/180 degree photography, panoramas (pano for short) and product rotation.
Esentualy, it is a way to take multiple pictures and "Stitch" them together, using alot of code, so they can be used in different media forms, foremost on websites.