Why use Google Street View to conect with customers?

One advantage to Google Street View is that people are more likely to stop by when they feel more comfortable and familiar with walking through your door.

You have spent a lot of time and money making your place look great, now Google lets your customers see it with no pressure. The best part is there are no annual fees; Google is does this for free. All you need is a photographer who has been trained and certified by Google to do the photo shoot.

Once the photo shoot is complete then the real work starts, we ingest all the photos onto Google Maps and your "Google My Business" page, link them together, arrange them in the world, smooth the transitions, blur out faces and publish.  Upon completion you have a marketing tool you can use forever with the full weight of Google behind you.

What your customers are seeing on Google Maps?

With the new Google Maps it is now more important than ever to have great content on your "My Business" account.

Remember it's not just on Google, tours can be embedded on your personal website also! Optimizing the impact and the value.

Taking on your challenges

This is a fun animated example of some of the challenges a business faces and how Google is helping you to overcome them.

Don’t have a free Google Places or Google My Business page? 
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Additional Information:

Immersive Photography® allows your doors to be open 24hrs a day and leaves a lasting impression with the people you want to reach.
Creating a sales force for your business when they recommend your Site to their friends, family and co-workers.
Immersive Photography® is a gateway to turning web site visitors into customers by installing confidence and familiarity in your business or property.

You may have also heard interactive photography called Google Street View, Google Business Photos, Google Business View, Google Virtual Tour, real estate virtual tour, 360 degree photography, 360 panoramic photography, 360/180 degree photography, panoramas (pano for short) and product rotation.
Esentualy, it is a way to take multiple pictures and "Stitch" them together, using alot of code, so they can be used in different media forms, foremost on websites.